Portico got a new song

Portico, formerly known as Portico Quartett, is now a trio actually. They are signed to Ninja Tune in the meantime, which is a smart move for them, isnt it ? If you got chance catch them live end of November for a four city tour across Europe. Their new album is scheduled for march 2015 […]

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Back On the Block

Yo ! Was away for a long time… Check out this lady from Oakland named MARA HRUBY . And even if this a bit older, it´s still so good. And a cover version as well, as you will easily discover  

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This little movie about vinyl records and big crates full of heavy records is just fantastic. Directed by Captain Blith of the I Love Vinyl crew from New York City, this picture shows exactly what vinyl is all about and to be a vinyl dj as well. What´s really great to see is that even […]

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Curtis !

Curtis Mayfield was born on 3rd July 1942 on Chicag´s north side, in a housing project called Cabrini Green. He wrote most of his material at a time when that was not the norm for regular soul performers and normal singers. Curtis was among the first to speak openly about African-American pride and community struggle in […]

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Ron Trent

It´s Ron Trent´s birthday today. So I felt I should write some greetings for a living legend this time. The Chicago-based and Brookly born Producer is one of my favorites when it comes to deep House music. Ron is also a skilled and unique DJ. In 1992 Ron Trent  released a record called Altered State, […]

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The Queen Of Disco

Donna Summer passed away this week ! After a long battle with breast and lung cancer she died on 17th May in her Florida home. She was deeply engaged with Germany, Munich in particular. She move over in 1968 to play in the musical HAIR. Later she married Helmut Sommer! Together with mastermind and über-producer Giorgio […]

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Chuck Brown has to go-go

Godfather of Go-Go Chuck Brown died yesterday in Baltimore aged 75. He was known for his Go-Go-Sound haling from Washington D.C.  His song “Bustin Loose” is an instant classic. Like a DJ blending records, Mr. Brown used nonstop percussion to stitch songs together and keep the crowd on the dance floor, resulting in marathon performances that […]

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Keith Haring

Today Keith Haring would celebrate his 54th birthday. He was born on 4. Mai 1958 in Reading, Pennsylvania and died of an AIDS related illness in Februar 1990 in New York City ! He was influenced by a lot of street artist and he definitely influenced the new breed of street artists ! And myself….with […]

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Sunny Boy

Today its like the first day of spring over here in cloudy and cold Hamburg. And because everybody will be posting “Its SPring Again”, ilk eI did it last year, tho syear it´s time for some Motown stuff. That´s at least what I´m feeling right now. Sweet Soul from end of the 60ties is just my […]

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Patrick Adams

Patrick Adams is celebrating his 62nd birthday today . Mister Adams is one of the mostly underrated und undiscovered producers, arranger and engineers, in my opinion. He produced great songs and legendary records. And still he is running his PAP record label. The Harlem born Adams has earned 32 gold and platinum records and has recorded over […]

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